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April Lougheed. Profit hunter on the digital frontier. Entrepreneur. Digital Strategy Consultant.

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April Lougheed is an entrepreneur and digital marketing enthusiast. Two decades experience in brand marketing and digital development. Founder of and @ProfitGuider | Profit Guider Blog | +April Lougheed Social Profile Listing A seasoned marketing professional, April Lougheed specializes in brand strategy, business consulting, web development, graphic design and computer programming.   After graduating cum laud from Indiana University with a BS in Marketing and Finance, April received her MBA from the IU Kelley School of Business. She was named a Kodak Scholar and spent three summers interning for Kodak in  Rochester, New York.   April started her career in brand management for Fortune 500 companies including Dow, Kraft and Glaxo Smith-Kline.  At the advent of the Information Age, April immediately saw the business opportunity. She left the corporate world to begin life as an entrepreneur launching, a web services agency.   Decades later April still loves profit hunting on the digital frontier.   April Lougheed's skills and experiences include: strong P&L management background experience in industries from consumer goods to environmental engineering marketing and branding expertise web development, database programming creative design computer programming    These rich experiences, coupled with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit and a deep dedication to her client's success makes her consulting services in high demand.

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Seeking golden profit opportunities in an exciting digital revolution. Certified Equestrian teacher and Ball Room Dance Instructor. Enjoy philosophy, history, religion and football.

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